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ATL In-charge


Question – Can a school appoint multiple ATL in-charges?

Answer – No, the school can appoint only one ATL in charge and the honorarium of Rs. 5000 per month will be allotted to that ATL in charge. However, other individuals can provide support to the ATL in charge. The appointment of the ATL in charge is to be done at the discretion of the school.

Question – Who can the school appoint as an ATL in charge?

Answer – The schools can use their discretion while appointing ATL in charge. The school must ensure that the person appointed as the ATL in-charge is competent enough to understand the equipment being used in the ATL and mentor the students about the same. He/she should also be motivated and willing to learn more about the technologies being used in the ATL. The educational background of the ATL in charge is not important as long as the above conditions are met. The ATL in charge can be exclusive to the ATL or can be a subject teacher as well; this is up to the school’s discretion.

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