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ATL Management - Vendors & Procurement

ATL Management – Vendors & Procurement


Question – How can the schools select a vendor from the suggestive list of vendors? Can schools purchase the instruments of the same specifications from other vendors than approved if prices are lower?

Answer – A indicative list of vendors has been announced by NITI Aayog. However, this list is neither exhaustive nor mandatory, it is indicative and suggestive. Schools can procure material from other sources as well according to convenience, quality, and pricing. This decision can be taken at the school’s discretion. We would suggest that the school does thorough due diligence before selecting a vendor. The schools can contact multiple vendors before finalizing one; they can also contact schools with existing Atal Tinkering Labs to get a review of the vendors and then make an informed decision. Please note that the vendors mentioned in the indicative list have agreed to the following:

  • To provide two years of comprehensive warranty at no additional cost for all equipment including 3D printers, as well as replacement of equipment during the repair.
  • To provide training on handling and usage of equipment at school at no additional cost.
  • To provide three years of comprehensive AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) at no additional cost.
  • To provide all indicative equipment in the suggested quantity within Rs.7 lakhs.

Question – Where can we find the suggestive list of vendors?

Answer – The suggestive list of vendors has been mailed to all selected schools. The schools can access their registered e-mail IDs to find the list.

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